Member’s Articles/Sermons

How Much Does It Cost to Get Love?

So many couples are together, but yet so alone.  If this is you, or you would like to know how to help someone in this position, please read this article from Sharon Smith as she examines Love from the Book of Isaiah.

God’s Grace In My Life

Dan Bentley shares his testimony of how he came to faith in Christ and following Christ has transformed his life.

Christmas Potpourri 2011

Our main mission at First Baptist Church is performing the Great Commission in a spirit of grace and truth (Matthew 28: 19-10; John 1:14).  The Great Commission goes beyond leading others to Christ.  It also involves teaching believers who God is in order to reach spiritual maturity and to become more like Him.

By completing the second half of the commission, we believe we will be better prepared to more effectively accomplish the first part of the commission.  Please join us as fellow members of our church including, Bart Crawford, Barry Cole, Brant Cole, Ben Cole, and Tom Frascone, join Pastor Smith in speaking about the different aspects of the birth of Christ.

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