Welcome to First Baptist Church of Petoskey

Welcome to our website.  We hope you find the Bible messages encouraging and informative.  If you live or are visiting in the area of Petoskey, Michigan we would love to have you visit.  We are located at 502 Michigan Street and our phone number is 231-347-2038.  Please feel free to call if you have any questions.  Every Sunday morning our services are on WMKT 1270 am and 92.1 fm.


Pastor Casey Smith

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  1. Dear Pastor Casey:
    It was a blessing to talk to you today. I included you and your family in my prayers and want you to know what a great service you provide in the Lord Jesus Christ’s message in my life and the lives of so many others. In these times of trouble it is indicative that the church lead others to Our Savior before time runs out. In my opinion, the devil is working overtime and he knows his time is short and he is relentlessy trying to lead people astray. Times are tough. but it our responsibilty to remind people that they do have the Lord and his word to lean on until he returns. I appreciate and I am sure the Lord is pleased with your efforts at the First Baptist Church of Petoskey. I am just really thankful that the Lord Jesus gave me the responsibilty and privledge to broadcast his word each and every Sunday and you always do a fabulous job of interpreting the Bible and you do give people hope and direction.

    By the way I need to reiterate the recipe I mentioned to you entails boiling the cobs of corn. The corn should be cut off the cob and can be frozen etc. Boil the cobs and try drinking the water. (kinda like a tea) It is a natural diartec. Thank you for doing the Lord’s work! God Bless You. your family and everyone at the First Baptist Church of Petoskey!!!


    Carolyn Sherk

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