Who Was Jesus?

What Happened to the Two Thieves?

Pastor Smith teaches what ended up happening to the two thieves after they were crucified with Jesus.

Why do Priests Wrestle with God?

Priests wrestle with God?  Aren’t priests supposed to serve God?  What is this all about?  Pastor Smith explains who these priests are and what is going on during these wrestling matches.

Why Does God Want Us to be Bold?

What keeps us from being bold Christians?  Can’t we just relax and enjoy life, sitting on beds of ease?  Pastor Smith discusses God’s purpose and meaning in us living bold lives and how we can become bold.

What Do Priests Do?

What is a priest’s job?  Why do we have priests and who are they? Do you qualify?  If so, what are your responsibilities?  Pastor Smith shows us what the Bible has to say on this important and often misunderstood topic?

What Good Things Happened when the Temple Veil Tore?

The Bible says when Jesus died, the veil in the Jerusalem Temple tore?  Was the timing coincidence?  Why did the veil tear?  What good things occurred because it tore?  Pastor Smith explains.

Was There a Quake at the Cross?

The Bible teaches that during Jesus’ crucifixion there was a great earthquake.  Did this really happen?  What evidence suggests this is true?  Did Jesus just happen to die when a fault ruptured or is there more behind this story than meets the eye?  Pastor Smith provides a profound explanation of this curious event.

What Were Jesus’ Last Words on the Cross and Why?

Much has been said about Jesus’ statements on the cross.  Were these simply the cries of a dying man or were they the words of God meant to change our lives?  Pastor Smith shows us what the Bible has to say about these infamous words.


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